The Terrace Room at the Del Monte Lodge

Explore a new way to meet and party. The Terrace Room is a one-of-a-kind event space ideal for intimate weddings, corporate gatherings, holiday parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and so much more!

Unique features include a private bar, private patio, moveable chandeliers, modern couches, and rustic barn wood tables and chairs. Impress guests with elevated catering options by the award-winning Erie Grill. Unlike any event space in Rochester, we're taking hosting to new heights.

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Flowers by: Arenas


5 Advantages of a Hotel Venue

photo by Foto Impressions

photo by Foto Impressions

1. Creating an unforgettable experience

When booking at a hotel venue, your day becomes so much more than just a wedding. Room blocks allow for your guests to all stay together in one place. Guests can prepare together beforehand, celebrate into the night, and gather for brunch again in the morning. Your loved ones not only will enjoy the amenities of the hotel, but out-of-town guests can make a weekend out of it and discover what the area has to offer. To top it all off, you won't have to worry if Uncle Phil has one too many at the open bar. 

photo by Katie Finnerty

photo by Katie Finnerty

2. One-stop shopping

Hotels offer all-inclusive packages including the venue, catering, rentals, a wedding planner, experienced staff, A/V equipment, tables & chairs, and so much more you may not think of. Experienced hotel staff can offer service unlike any other venue. Having all of these amenities in one place saves you money, time, and stress from coordinating multiple vendors for a single day.

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photo by Jessica LK Photography

photo by Jessica LK Photography

3. Relaxed event flow

Your wedding day can get hectic rushing from one thing to the next. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a hotel venue is that each part of the day is all in one place. The hotel provides rooms to prep in, ceremony space, pre-function space for cocktail hour, the reception ballroom, and a bed to crash in when it's all over. Without traveling from place to place throughout the day, you'll have more time to relax, take photos, and spend time with your guests. And even more, having everything in one place saves you big on transportation. There's no need to pay for limos for the wedding party or provide shuttle service for guests. 

Rochester Marriott Hotel Ballroom

4. Never fret the rain

We all see the beautiful outdoor weddings featured on today's bridal blogs, but we don't always think about what happens to that big field of flowers in a sudden rain storm. Living in Upstate New York where the weather is as unpredictable as the lottery, this is a big concern when booking your venue. Many hotels do offer outdoor ceremony space, such as our Del Monte Lodge, but you'll always know there is plenty of indoor space when needed. This can be a huge weight lifted off a bride's shoulders when there is so much else to think about. 

5. Reap the rewards even after the big day

Choosing a hotel venue offers more than just an amazing wedding day. Spending your money in one place earns you big rewards points to use towards your honeymoon or any other travel as newlyweds. All of our venues offer great rewards points from Marriott or Hilton, with hotels all over the world. Bon voyage!

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Edwards: A True Love Story

Every so often we come across a couple that truly captures our hearts. Stephanie and Jerry have made a date night tradition of Rochester Marriott's restaurant, Images, the same place he surprised his bride with a heartwarming proposal (see below). So, it's only fitting that the two will be married here in just a few months. We've witnessed their love over the years and now we'll share it with you.

How did you two first meet?
Bride: We worked together at a law firm. I was a paralegal and Jerry was an accountant.
Groom: I always liked her and wanted to ask her out, and then one day she gave me the chance!

How did you know it was the one?
Bride: I had never dated anyone like him. He's such a gentleman and makes me feel so special. I just knew I had to lock him down!
Groom: I remember the exact moment I was going to marry her. We had just gone out to dinner - I dropped her off at home after our date and on my drive home it hit me...I had to be with her forever. 

What makes our place so special for you?
Groom: This is our spot! We have so many memories here.
Bride: My family has been coming here since I was young and Jerry and I come to Images for date night all the time, which is probably why it took my completely by surprise when he proposed here!

What is the most challenging part of planning your wedding?
Groom: Nothing has been too much to handle so far. What can I say, just find a guy like me! But in all honesty, I would tell other couples to just give themselves enough time to plan your wedding. It takes out a lot of the stress.
Bride: I actually haven't done much planning, he did! The hardest part was coordinating the vendors with the wedding date. It was a huge relief once everything was locked down.

What is the most exciting part of planning your wedding?
Bride: I have had so much fun hearing from other brides and getting decorating ideas from them.
Groom: Booking the venue and date! It's a little depressing seeing the money go so fast but I know it will be well worth it.

Stephanie and Jerry may have fallen in love with each other, but we've fallen for them together. We can't wait to make your day incredibly memorable and witness you become Mr. & Mrs Edwards! 

See the heartwarming proposal here.


5 Rochester Locations For Your Engagement Shoot

Rochester is full of local charm. Whether you're inspired by the night you met or the neighborhood you live in, pick a place that is uniquely you! With historic staples and hidden gems, we've collected just a few of our favorite spots for engagement photos. 

1. Java's Cafe

A local staple, Java's Cafe has been around for almost thirty years - and has been a popular site of many first dates. Its charming storefront tucked away on Gibbs Street provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic urban photoshoot. 

2. Lamberton Conservatory

Somewhat of a hidden gem, the Lamberton Conservatory boasts a tropical wonderland unlike anything else you'll find in Rochester. Its unique exotic plant collection has delighted locals since 1911, making for a beautiful setting to celebrate your engagement.

Photo by

3. High Falls

Rochester is one of the only cities to claim a large waterfall in the heart of downtown, making it a unique setting for some stunning engagement photos. With a great skyline of some of Rochester's oldest buildings and the falls, there are plenty of spots along the bridge and walkways for a variety of photos. Beer lovers? Get an epic shot of the Genesee Brewery in the background - it can't get more Rochester than that. 

4. Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market comes to life every Saturday morning. With little patio tables outside coffee shops, baskets of fresh bread at the bakery, aisles of fresh produce, and local buskers filling the air with music, there is undeniably something charming about the atmosphere. Take photos of moments as you would go about your normal market routine and you'll have something to treasure for years to come. Wall/Therapy murals throughout the market provide even more creative photo-ops!

5. Your Favorite Restaurant

A meaningful setting can add another dimension to your photos. Whether it's a spot you frequent regularly or the site of your first date, a restaurant provides a vibrant and memorable backdrop. The photo below takes place at Good Luck Restaurant.